Digital workers for insurance brokers & agencies

Automating repetitive work so your people can focus on what’s important.

Companies augmenting their workforces... digital style

What we do

We take repetitive processes at insurance brokerages & agencies and train a software robot, or digital worker, to do them for you. A digital workforce can

Shift resources to value producing activities
Eliminate human error (up to 15%)
Increase predictability and reliability
Reduce need for hiring as you grow

Results That Speak For Themselves

100 %
of digital workers produce positive ROI
80 %
average cost savings per process
10 x
faster completion
95 %
process completion rate

Deploy Your Digital Workforce

Quandri's out-of-the-box digital workers can be deployed seamlessly into your agency or brokerage to save your team's time. Leverage advanced automation and AI in a matter of weeks.

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We're solving the big InsureTech problems

  1. 1
    Outdated technology applications that don't communicate with each other
  2. 2
    False promises from current large technology vendors
  3. 3
    High volume and repetitive processes that bog down brokers and administrative staff

Excalibur Insurance

160 hrs
repurposed per month
from Excalibur Insurance's daily
EDI & Closing Broker Activities process

"Working with Jackson and Jamieson and the Quandri team has been amazing. It is rare to deal with an advanced technology company that has great people skills and goes the extra mile to make sure your business is successful. This is one of the best insurance products that I've seen in the last 5 - 10 years. If you can automate a task it frees up your team to do higher value interactions."

Jeff Roy
President & CEO of Excalibur Insurance

Cost Comparison

Base Salary $50,000 /yr $12,000 /yr *
Taxes & Benefits $15,000 /yr $0 /yr
PTO & Sick Days 15 + 0
Onboarding Time 3 months 1-2 months
Management Cost $7,500 /yr $0 /yr
Recruiting Cost $3,750 $0
Training Cost $2,400 $10,000 *
First Year Cost $78,650 $22,000
Recurring Annual Cost $72,500 $12,000
Based on the cost of an average digital worker in 2022

Curious? Let's talk about how many hours your team could be saving on repetitive processes.