Digital workers for insurance brokers & agencies

Automating repetitive work so your people can focus on what’s important.

Companies augmenting their workforces... digital style

What we do

We take repetitive processes at insurance brokerages & agencies and train a software robot, or digital worker, to do them for you. A digital workforce can

Shift resources to value producing activities
Eliminate human error (up to 15%)
Increase predictability and reliability
Reduce need for hiring as you grow

Results That Speak For Themselves

100 %
of digital workers produce positive ROI
80 %
average cost savings per process
10 x
faster completion
95 %
process completion rate

Deploy Your Digital Workforce

Quandri's out-of-the-box digital workers can be deployed seamlessly into your agency or brokerage to save your team's time. Leverage advanced automation and AI in a matter of weeks.

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We're solving the big InsureTech problems

  1. 1
    Outdated technology applications that don't communicate with each other
  2. 2
    False promises from current large technology vendors
  3. 3
    High volume and repetitive processes that bog down brokers and administrative staff

Cost Comparison

Base Salary $50,000 /yr $12,000 /yr *
Taxes & Benefits $15,000 /yr $0 /yr
PTO & Sick Days 15 + 0
Onboarding Time 3 months 1-2 months
Management Cost $7,500 /yr $0 /yr
Recruiting Cost $3,750 $0
Training Cost $2,400 $10,000 *
First Year Cost $78,650 $22,000
Recurring Annual Cost $72,500 $18,000
Based on the cost of an average digital worker in 2023

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