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Excalibur Insurance deploys 2 digital workers

Process: EDI & Closing Activities

  • TAM
  • Policies in Suspense
  • Policy Extraction

Excalibur Insurance is an insurance brokerage based in Southwestern Ontario, with its head office in Clinton. They are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways of becoming more efficient, saving their team time and giving customers a better insurance experience. There were two processes in particular that were slowing their team down and eating up resources.

The Story of Excalibur Insurance

Excalibur Insurance is an ambitious, up and coming brokerage with 30 employees across 5 offices. They are dedicated to changing the way insurance is bought and perceived, which you’ll realize after visiting their website. Jeff Roy, Excalibur’s President & CEO, is a leading voice in the insurance industry on insurance technology as well as being an advocate for customers and the insurance broker channel. He’s one of the hosts of the Digital Insurance Pint podcast and has spoken with over 8,000 agents and brokers across North America on how to create a better digital experience for insurance consumers. Jeff and the Excalibur team continue to set the bar for other brokerages on digital trends and innovation. For example, they were one of the first insurance brokerages in North America to have a chatbot on their website which are now table stakes for other brokerages.

Our Impact

  • 150
    hours repurposed per month
  • $32,000
    dollars saved per year
  • 1 FTE
    equivalent freed up for higher value tasks

The Opportunity Faced by Excalibur

As they optimized other areas of the business, there were two processes that stood out as large human resource drains on the business.

  1. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - for those non-insurers that don’t recognize this, EDI is how insurance brokerages receive electronic policy data from insurance carriers; such as insurance policy documents (Edocs) and automatic document invoicing (ADI).
  2. Closing Broker Activities - the EDI process generates dozens of activities or tasks for brokers to do on a daily basis, most of which don’t actually require a person to validate.

Between both of these processes, administrative staff and brokers were spending over 160 hours per month on this process - or the equivalent of one full-time employee. As soon as Excalibur met Quandri and realized what they could do, they knew they wanted to deploy digital workers to automate these two processes.

"Anything we can do to save our team time we will do. When we saw we could automate these processes and generate a significant ROI it was a no-brainer. That’s without even measuring all of the “soft ROI” - improved morale, higher accuracy and speed of completion to name a few."

Una Roy
VP of Operation, Excalibur Insurance

How Excalibur Chose Quandri

Excalibur’s mission is to simplify and humanize the insurance protecting experience by leveraging people and technology. Ultimately, Excalibur chose to work with Quandri because they saw digital workers as a way to do more with less. Excalibur saw digital workers as an opportunity to increase productivity for their employees by removing the time-consuming and less desirable tasks. Doing more with automation has helped Excalibur Insurance gain an edge in the war on talent currently underway in the insurance industry as it has allowed their people to achieve and do more.

"One of our non-negotiables at Excalibur is if technology won’t save you time, stress or money we’re not interested. If my people can outsource some repetitive tasks to a digital worker, this frees them up to spend more time with our clients building the human to human connection. If my people are happy then my customers will be happy, and this made a whole lot of people happy within my company."

- Jeff Roy, President & CEO, Excalibur Insurance

How Quandri Responded

Quandri deployed Excalibur’s two digital workers in quick succession, which allowed them to see the value from the first digital worker while the second was being developed. The processes were complex with many different decisions and nuances, but the Quandri team worked collaboratively with Excalibur to ensure that every single rule was identified and every possible edge case noticed. Additionally, Quandri took the time to meet with Applied’s support team to ensure that everything would work as desired when the digital worker was deployed. The result was more time back in Excalibur’s team’s hands, to be more productive or simply have a bit more time in the day.

"I can now enjoy my morning coffee and some me time instead of running EDI at 7am every day."

- Kellie Round, Customer Care, Excalibur Insurance

The Results

These two digital workers are now saving Excalibur Insurance $32,000 per year in addition to getting 160 hours per month back that can now be used to generate more revenue. Beyond the hard ROI, there are also the benefits of improved morale, specifically on the broker team. Properly managing and closing their activities every day wasn’t always accomplished due to busy work schedules. By putting this digital worker in place, they are now done automatically and it has given everyone on the team more time. This has freed up Excalibur’s team to up-sell, cross-sell, obtain referrals, undertake protection reviews and respond even faster to client requests. Focusing on those tasks that only an intelligent and experienced human can do. Excalibur has deployed two digital workers to great success. Quandri and Excalibur are now figuring out what other areas of the business can benefit the most from this technology.

"Working with Jackson and Jamieson and the Quandri team has been amazing. It is rare to deal with an advanced technology company that has great people skills and goes the extra mile to make sure your business is successful. Their focus on the insurance vertical and their ability to connect with and work with our team to implement this technology has been first class. This is one of the best insurance products that I've seen in the last 5 - 10 years. If you can automate a task it frees up your team to do higher value interactions."
Jeff Roy President & CEO, Excalibur Insurance

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